This review might be a bit long, but it’s necessary to fully explain my experience with Fix and Style. I have an unlocked international phone, the LG E975, that is ideal for me in every way.

I’ve had it for quite a while with no problems, but in the last month, incoming calls became very erratic. I missed many. Sometimes they would ring, sometimes not. Sometimes the answer button wouldn’t work when it did ring. Very frustrating. I was seriously considering buying another phone, not something I could comfortably afford right now. Then I thought maybe I could save money by getting my phone repaired, and I checked Google for repair services. I found Fix and Style right at the top of the first page.

I checked others, but then came back to Fix and Style’s reviews. Most of them described issues with broken glass screens, and I was picturing a major teardown to fix my phone. I called and I talked to Edward. I told him about my problem and asked if he would be able to handle it. He told me yes. He explained the non refundable deposit. I felt it was worth that amount to find out if the phone was repairable. Another problem. Fix and Style is 100 miles from me, a 200 mile round trip. I had to ship the phone to them. Add the cost of shipping. Still worth it.

I was called the day they received the phone. Then the next day, Andre called me and told me that I had a call blocking app on my phone that was causing the problem, and asked if he could delete it. I told him yes, and asked how much I owed. He told me the only charge was the deposit that I had already paid, and asked me how I wanted to have the phone shipped back to me.

Two things here. First, I never would have suspected that app. I had that app on three previous phones: two Blackberry’s and an Android, and it had never caused a problem. Second, I won’t go into what Andre could have told me about the extent of repairs. I was already convinced of their honesty from previous reviews.
Thank you so much, guys. You saved me a lot of money. My only regret is that I didn’t get the chance to meet any of you. If I have any repairs in the future, I will certainly contact you again. I’ve spread the word about you, and I wish you continued success.

Robert (Bob) Kilkus, Elkton, V