Last week I went in to get my iPhone 5c screen fixed. Anthony ordered a new screen and it was shipped within a day to the store. Stephen was able to change it out within 30 minutes. I knew it would be expensive bc of the new phone ~ they did not over charge me at all and they give a 90 day warranty on their service. Unfortunately, I had to go back bc my phone accidentally fell in the toilet. I called Anthony right away and he told me to bring in my phone and a bag of rice. They would do what they could for me. After 24 hrs Anthony called me to let me know my phone was fine. I was so glad bc my husband was telling me I needed to go buy a GO Phone bc of my bad luck. I’m so thankful to them!!
Anthony and Stephen were very helpful and friendly. I really appreciate their service. I would totally recommend the store at the Galleria Mall. Thank you guys!

AReid, Perry, Ga