1. 5 Cell Phone Repair Myths

    As a cell phone repair shop, we’ve heard every repair myth in the book. You have probably heard quite a few of them, and may even believe some to be the truth! Allow us to educate you. In this blog, we will go over some common myths we hear, and the real truth of the matter. MYTH: Put your water-damaged phone in rice to fix it. We’re not sure why this myth is so pervasive, but this is not an e…Read More

  2. A Brief Guide to Smartphone Etiquette

    Smartphones becoming so widespread has improved our world in a lot of ways. Now, you can instantly access the information you need with the touch of a screen. Communicating with long-distance friends and family is easier than ever, and you can instantly order any item to be delivered to your door. However, smartphones have also had some negative side effects. One is that people often exhibit rude …Read More

  3. Even More iPhone Tricks You Never Knew

    You may not be aware of the many handy features of your iPhone. Over the last couple blogs, we have gone over some helpful tricks for using iPhones. In this final blog, we will go over a few more tricks to help you get the most out of your iPhone. Take photos while you take video You may have had this problem before: you are taking video of something really cool, but you want to take photos of it …Read More

  4. 4 More iPhone Tricks You Never Knew

    As an iPhone user, you probably already love the easy accessibility and features of this smartphone, but you may not be aware of all the cool things you can do with it. In our previous blog, we began going over some little-known tricks for iPhone users. In this blog, we will continue to overview these fun and handy iPhone tricks. Leave group texts While group text conversations can be useful, they…Read More

  5. 5 iPhone Tricks You Never Knew

    You use your iPhone every day, but you likely do not know everything that this powerful little mobile device can do. You may be surprised to find that there are many small tricks to optimize your experience with your iPhone that you don’t know. Over the next several blogs, we will go over some of these tricks. Stop your music on a timer If you are like a lot of people, you like to relax as you f…Read More

  6. How To Protect The Data on Your Smartphone

    When it comes to your smartphone, you probably don’t think too much about security. Many people do not consider the security of their phones until it is too late: their phone is stolen, and suddenly, they have a lot of damage to try to undo. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect the sensitive data on your phone from hackers and scammers. Password protect everything If someone does…Read More

  7. Protecting Your iPhone This Summer

    It’s finally summertime! It’s time for long days at the beach, fireworks, and barbeques with all of your friends and family. Unfortunately, it also means that your iPhone is at greater risk for damage. When bringing your iPhone places this summer, there are certain considerations you should make to ensure that you don’t have to bring your phone in for iPhone repair at Fix & Style Mobile …Read More

  8. How To Fix A Broken iPhone Mouthpiece

    It can be very frustrating to attempt to call someone, only to find that they cannot hear anything you’re saying. When you can hear the person on the line, but they can’t hear you, it indicates that there is a problem with the microphone. This is a common problem that happens with iPhones, so if you have an iPhone and find that your microphone is broken, know that you aren’t alone. Fortunate…Read More

  9. Why You Shouldn’t DIY Phone Repair

    These days, people are big into DIY. After all, now you can just Google how to do everything; why would you bother going to a professional for a small repair? However, even if you are fairly tech savvy, there are many reasons why it is a better idea to go to a professional for cell phone repair: The replacement parts you get online are often low quality. Online suppliers of cellphone parts often s…Read More