Your options on the tech market run the gamut from iPad minis to 20-inch Sager laptops, so it can be difficult to choose whether you need a laptop or a tablet. Tablets these days are so advanced, they actually stand up to laptops in regards to capabilities, so there are many considerations to make when deciding which is best for you. In this blog, we will go over some factors to consider when choosing whether a laptop or tablet suits your needs.


Perhaps most obviously, a laptop offers a keyboard, while a tablet does not. However, there are now products on the market that allow you to hook up a keyboard to your tablet via Bluetooth®. Still, a wireless keyboard can drain your tablet’s battery, and will cost you extra. You could also use the on-screen keyboard that comes standard with tablets. However, if you are doing a lot of typing, a laptop may be the best option for you.


Another consideration you should make is how portable your device needs to be. While there are now many slender and lightweight laptops out there, tablets as a general category take the cake in terms of portability.


Screen resolutions on laptops and tablets can be comparable, so the main consideration you must make in regards to your screen is whether you need a touchscreen or not. Some laptops come with touchscreens now, but they will cost you more than a tablet, so a tablet may be the more affordable choice if a touchscreen is a must for you. Additionally, if you care about having your screen stand on its own, laptops are generally the best option. Some tablets feature a kickstand, but for a truly sturdy screen that stands on its own, laptops are the way to go.


While there are many apps you can run on tablets, there are programs that are not compatible with tablets. Before you decide on a tablet, you may consider what applications you require, and look into whether they are compatible with a tablet before making the investment.

Processing Power

Tablets are gaining more processing power as they become more advanced; however, in general, laptops have much more capacity than tablets. If you are using this device to work all day, chances are a laptop will allow you to get far more done than a tablet will.

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