Selling Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer? At Fix & Style we know that life happens and your mobile device sometimes is on the receiving end of disaster. We buy, sell, and trade phones so that you can keep your device up to date regardless of what life throws at you. In order to quote your device for either sale or trade-in we will need the following information.


  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Brand
  • Model#
  • Memory size
  • Carrier
  • Factory Network Locked or Unlocked
  • Does the device power on
  • Does the screen light up
  • Does your device have image burn
  • Is your device fully functional
  • Are there any scratches anywhere (clearly visible or barely visible)
  • Cosmetic condition (fair, good excellent)
  • Are the any account locks on the device


  • We do not buy devices with iCloud account locks on them
  • We do not buy sprint, boost, or other prepaid carriers devices that are not already unlocked
  • We do not buy devices that have forgotten or lost pass codes
  • We do not pay for devices that have been reported lost or stolen


Once your submit your quote request we will reply with a price and further instructions on selling us your device.

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