Frequently Asked Questions: Buy, Sell, and Trade Policies

What type of used phones do you sell?
We sell all brands of used phones. What we have in stock varies based on what used smartphones our customers trade in.

How much can I trade my phone in for?
Prices vary based on the age, popularity, condition, carrier, and whether or not the phone has all the original accessories in working order.

Can you give quotes over the phone?
Fix & Style does not give quotes over the phone.

Why is the buy/trade amount so much lower than what they sell for on eBay or Amazon?
Retail establishments don’t offer retail prices for trade-in devices. There is a trade-in value, which is generally a lower amount, and then there is resale value, which is a higher amount. Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center offers a fair trade-in/buy price. These prices are equivalent and comparable to, if not more than, all other buy-sell-trade programs on the market.

Do the phones you sell have a warranty?
Yes. All the devices we sell carry a minimum 30-day warranty.

Are the phones you sell unlocked?
If the devices we have in stock are capable of being unlocked, in most cases, they will be unlocked.

If I buy a phone from you, do I have to sign a contract?
No. We are not a service provider. The devices we sell are off-contract devices that our customers would transfer their existing service to.

Does Fix & Style sell refurbished phones?
Yes, but the majority of the devices we sell are not refurbished. Rather, they are clean trade-ins. If we receive a device that requires replacement parts, this refurbishment is done in-house. Therefore, you can be assured the quality of the smartphone or tablet you purchase from Fix & Style has met rigorous standards set forth by the Fix & Style team before they are put out for resale.

Will you buy my smartphone or tablet even if it is broken?
In most cases, we will buy your smartphone or tablet if it is broken.

Will you buy my smartphone or tablet if the device is water damaged?
Yes. Read more about our water damage repair services here.