Get The Best Bang For Your Buck

Selling your phone, tablet, or computer? Is price your concern? We’ve got you covered! We never sacrifice the quality of your repair by supplying a cheaper part. Lets see if Fix & Style is a match for you.

How do you get a price match?

Request the price match at the store when you come in for repair or email us at with the details of the price you want us to match. Please include the name of the competitor, the brand and model of the device and the type of repair.


1. Prices we match must be posted in print or online buy a local retailer within 10 miles of our location and the competitor must have a brick and mortar location.
2. The quality of parts must be verifiable as there are a variety of parts from OEM to very low quality aftermarket parts that even some high end franchises use on customers devices that we don’t
3. We reserve the right to verify the price, part availability, color and more.
4. Price matching does not expressly imply or impute discounts to other services and accessories.
5. Price matching is limited to one device of one family/household, per day.

Prices we don’t match

1. Classified ad sites
2. Discount coupon websites
3. Mobile repair businesses
4. Prices that can’t be verified.
5. Non-Brick and mortar businesses (Ex: someone working out of a house)