We’ve all been there, waiting for that important text message to go through and hoping that our smartphone’s battery stays juiced enough until it does. It’s a common problem, but there are ways to avoid that dreadful moment. Here are 5 hacks to preserve your smartphone’s battery life.

1. Turn Down the Lights

While many people tend to leave the brightness level at the highest setting to ensure the best lighting in all situations, it’s best to choose another option. Smartphones include an auto-brightness setting that automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness based on the surrounding lighting. The other choice is to set the brightness at the lowest level that you can tolerate. The latter is likely to save more battery power than the former, but either of these options is better than having the phone at the highest setting.

2. Nix the Wi-Fi

Obviously, you want to be connected to Wifi when you’re at home or working in the office; but it’s not necessary for your phone to constantly be searching for a network when you’re out running errands. Disabling Wi-Fi is an easy way to preserve battery power on both IOS and Android phones. On IOS systems, you just need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to quickly access the control panel. Android users should swipe down from the top of the screen.

3. Choose Ringtones Over Vibration

There are obviously times when ringtones are not the ideal way to be alerted to an incoming call. In those situations, most of us opt for the vibrate option. But that might not be the way to go if you’re concerned with power usage. The phone has to use much more juice to vibrate the entire phone versus just vibrating the pieces of the speaker to produce sound. If you are in a situation where quiet is expected, the best option may be to completely silence your phone and keep it in view so notifications may be seen instead of heard.

4. Take a Break from Emails

Unless you’ve changed the settings, your phone is constantly searching for new email messages to notify you the second they’re received. This takes a remarkable amount of battery power. If you don’t have to know the exact instant someone emails you, then changing your email settings could prevent you from having to charge your phone quite so often. Revise the setting to just check for emails every 15-30 minutes. This gives your phone a break while still keeping you informed.

5. Make It Take More Naps

There is no question that a large amount of the power used by your phone’s battery goes to the display. By changing the timeout setting and making your phone go to sleep after 30 seconds or 1 minute of inactivity instead of 5 minutes, you can reduce the strain on the battery by a considerable amount.

Smartphones have become such a ubiquitous part of our lives that we sometimes forget how much power it takes for them to function. Instituting these tips could take some of the burden off your smartphone battery and keep you from fretting while waiting for the next very important text.