Phone Battery Maintenance

One of the main complaints from phone users is that their batteries’ lives are too short. With the smartphones technology, batteries haven’t been perfected yet to live longer. Sometimes it’s even a challenge for some phone batteries to go a full day without recharging. It is annoying especially when traveling. The more times the battery is recharged, the shorter its life becomes.

Extending battery life

Wouldn’t be amazing to know that there are some things you can do to extend your battery life? Here is how:

First, always use your phone on the specified temperatures. Batteries don’t live long when they are being operated at temperatures higher than they were designed to withstand. The moment you start charging your phone, you should remove the cases you have on it. During charging, heat may be produced. Without a proper flow of heat, your battery may suffer from the excess heat and reduce its life span.

Update your phone’s software. Whichever phone you are using, update its software. Current phone software comes with energy saving mode. This will help your phone use energy efficiently and go easy on the battery. The fewer times you charge your phone, the longer its battery will function.

Keep it half charged when storing it for longer periods of time. You may have noticed that when you buy a phone and turn it on the battery is always half full. This is a strategy to save the battery and extend its storage period.

When to replace the battery

Even with so much maintenance, there comes a time when you know that your battery is no longer useful and needs replacement. Battery replacement may be determined by many factors depending on the user.

After checking your battery’s health, you can decide to replace it or not. Sometimes, even when the battery health is at 50%, someone may still find it sufficient in serving his/her purpose. For others, this may be different. The moment you realize your battery is causing you inconvenience; it is time to change it.

Today, your device will even warn you if your battery health is poor. You can tell by how long it takes for your battery to move from fully charged to battery low. With a poor battery health, that time is often too short.

Replacing your battery

When your battery dies, you have no choice but to find a new battery. The replacement process is not complex, but you have to follow some guidelines.

For the majority of phones, the battery is removable. As such, replacing its battery is simple. You only need to buy a new battery recommended by the manufacturer and put it on your phone for a new life.

There are some phones that only the manufacturer can replace the battery. You have to visit your manufacturer for them to open your device and replace the battery for you. You only need to check whether your manufacturer is offering this service.

Checking your battery’s health will help you to know when to replace your battery. However, whether you want to replace the battery or not may all come down to how much power you need.