There is no question that children are exposed to more information today than at any other time in human history. As much as we would all like to think that everything our children have access to is good for them, we all know the truth. The world is a dangerous place, and the youngest among us are the most vulnerable to that potential danger. Installing parental controls on your mobile devices is one way you can help protect your children from being exposed to people or things that could harm them. Here is a list of the best parental control apps currently on the market.

Net Nanny

The best aspect of the parental control app Net Nanny is that it allows parents to control browser activity and manage apps remotely. Parents do not need to have the actual device in their hands in order to change the settings on their children’s phones and tablets. Net Nanny also includes the following features:

  • Parents have the ability to control which apps are added to the device.
  • Time restrictions may be set on the device or remotely.
  • Browser content may be filtered.

Screen Time

Screen Time combines parental controls while teaching children responsibility and self-discipline. Besides monitoring what your children are doing on their mobile devices, parents may also set time limits for them. The best feature of this app, however, is the ability to set up a rewards program wherein children and teens can earn extra time on their devices by completing their homework, practicing their musical instruments, or doing their chores. Other things to consider regarding Screen Time include:

  • “Lights Out” feature blocks all access after a certain time.
  • “School Time” feature blocks everything except educational apps during school hours.
  • There is an option for parents to receive a daily email summary of activity.

Norton Family

One of the leading companies in the field of anti-virus protection has created a popular parental control app for mobile devices. Norton Family combines web content filtering and app management with call and text blocking. In addition, The app uses GPS to let parents track the location of the children’s phones at any time. Norton Family also offers the following:

  • App logs any attempt to contact someone who has been blocked by the parent.
  • Switching to Parent Mode allows parents to update settings and generate reports of device activity.
  • Children can send parents a message requesting access to any blocked websites or content.

Being a parent is not easy. In the digital age in which we live, your children have constant and immediate access to all the good and bad things the world has to offer. By installing an excellent parent control app on their mobile devices, you can give your children a certain amount of the freedom they crave while still maintaining a reasonable level of protection for them.