Charging port damage

It is annoying when you plug your phone in and find that it won’t charge. When this happens, it is most likely a problem with your charging port. Fortunately, this is a simple repair that we can take care of quickly so your phone will be back to normal as soon as possible.  Whether your charging port needs to be soldered or it’s a flex cable swap, Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center can repair your charging port. Fix & Style has the skills and the tools to solve your most aggravating charging problems.  Samsung devices are probably the most common for charging port repairs in our shop, followed up by apple.

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Important tips:

  • Checking your charging port for dust and if you can’t get it out bring it to us and we’ll help you out with it
  • Check your charging port for corrosion.  Sometimes moisture can get in the charging port and cause problems
  • Try not to use your phone while it’s plugged up to the charger.  Doing so causes extra pressure to be put on the charging port which causes the charging port to separate from the motherboard over time.
  • If your phone has gotten wet, do not plug the charger into it, it can short out your motherboard

For more questions or to set up an appoint to repair your charging port, call us at 703-537-0629 and our team of certified technicians will be glad to assist you.