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Come Broken, Leave Fixed

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We exist to get you back to doing what you do best. Don't let a broken device ruin your day. We're here to help!



What type warranty do you offer on your repairs?

Apple repairs come with a lifetime warranty. Apple Battery replacements come with a one-year warranty

All other devices come with a 90-day warranty.

Our warranty covers part defects and the labor associated with replacing any defective part.

Will you replace the screen under warranty it if it breaks?

Unfortunately, warranty doesn’t cover physical damage.

Why doesn’t your warranty cover physical damage?

Warranty is a different classification than insurance. Insurance would cover accidents, unforeseen circumstances or human error whether realized or unrealized. Warranty is specific to covering defects related to the functionality of the part. Physical damage, like drops, pressure application, and water damage are not covered under warranty.

Do you offer warranty on water damage repairs?

We warranty parts we supply, but the long-term functionality of a water damage device can’t be guaranteed, therefore we do not warranty the device (motherboard).

What is the warranty on the smartphones you sell?

Fix & Style sells a wide variety of smartphones, ranging from iPhone to Samsung and we provide a 90-day warrant on all smartphones we sell.


Do you charge for diagnostics?

Basic diagnostics are free. Depending on your device and the nature of your problem, some extensive diagnostics can range from $29.99 to $99.99.

Do you credit the cost of the diagnostic towards the repair cost?


How long does it take for diagnostics?

Diagnostic times can be as little as 5-10 minutes or they can be as long as 24-48 hours, depending on the circumstances. A certified technician at our location will be able to provide with more detail at the time of your repair.

Is water damage service free?

Basic water damage overview is free, however if service is rendered to attempted to mitigate water damage, service fees may apply.


How long have you been in business?

Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center has been in business since Dec of 2012,

Did you go to school to learn how to repair devices?

Personally, after about 9 years in the industry, I received formal training at cellphone repair certification school. These trainings are only as good as the person fixing your device. Whether it’s Apple certified or Samsung certified, neither determines the quality of repair you’re going to get. The skill set, experience, and integrity of your technician are the most important factors. The best techs I know haven’t had any formal training by Apple, Samsung or any or major brand.

Are you certified?

I have not been certified by any major brands but have successfully been repairing all major brands fro 17 years.


Do you use OEM parts?

OEM parts are available for most devices. Most devices have the option for aftermarket and OEM parts. OEM parts always cost more and therefore aftermarket is used quite frequently with high rates of consistency and success. Warranty is provided on all parts.

Where do you get your parts?

We have local and non-local part distributors in the United States. 99% of cellphone parts are made in China, regardless of whether it’s aftermarket or OEM.

What is the warranty on the parts you supply?

Warranty on parts ranges from 90 days to a lifetime depending on the brand.

Can I bring my own parts?

Customers can bring their own cellphone and tablet parts in and we will happily install them for a fee. We don’t warranty the parts. If the part turns out to be defective, customer is still responsible for paying and labor cost associated with installing the part and removing the part.


Do you sell smartphones and tablets?

Fix & Style sells a variety of smartphones and tablets.

Are the devices you sell, used, refurbished or brand new?

Currently, a majority of the devices we carry are used or refurbished. We are very picky about the devices we buy from customers and the devices we sell to customers. We also purchase pre-owned devices from wholesale phone providers. All devices we sell are inspected (including call test) for full functionality before they are displayed for sale. Phone purchases are a big investment and we take pride in providing high quality devices to our clients. Devices we sell will not have water damage or undergone any major repairs. Basic repairs may be done to a device, like a screen repair, battery replacement or some other simple hardware fix. We do not resale devices that have undergone motherboard repairs.

Do you buy smartphones?

Yes we do!

Do your smartphones come with a warranty?

All of our smartphones with a comprehensive 90-day warranty that covers defects in the hardware of the device.


Do you repair water damage?

Water damaged devices can be repaired, however, the longevity of the device can’t be guaranteed.

Is it economical to repair a water damage device?

It depends on how bad the damage is. We can give you an estimate of repair after diagnostics have been completed.

How long does it take?

24-48 hours

How much does water damage repair cost?

We can offer you an estimate of the cost after the diagnostic have been completed. Water damage can damage a little or a lot so an accurate estimate can’t be give until the device has been diagnosed.

What are your success rates for water damage recovery?

This really depends on how long it’s been since the device was water damaged, whether or not the device has been plugged up since the water damage and what type of water or liquid it is. Salt water is much more corrosive than tap water and causes damage faster. More than half of devices that come in for water damage service are restored to a working order. These rates could be higher if devices are brought into the shop sooner rather than later.


Do you go to clients homes or business to repair cellphones, tablets or computer?

Yes. With an appointment scheduled the prior day, we can do onsite repair.

Do you fix all type of phones?

Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center repairs Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Lg, Nokia, Htc, Huawei, Honor, Blackberry, ZTE, Sony and much more.

Do you do more than screen repairs?

Yes, we repair charging ports, home buttons, ear speakers, loud speakers, headphone jacks, microphones, front cameras, rear cameras, back glass, camera lens covers and more.

Can you repair my device while I wait?

We have a waiting area for customers that would like to wait for their device to be repaired. Repair times vary depending on the model and type of repair. All customers will be given estimated times of repair so they can plan accordingly. Cellphone repair appointments made online have a time window assigned to them that are accurate.

Do I have to make appointment?

Appointments aren’t necessary. If you have a tight schedule, having an appointment can benefit you by holding you a slot and a part for your repair.


Do you have multiple locations in Virginia?

Currently we have one repair location in Fairfax, VA.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, walk-ins are welcome.

Are the prices the same at all locations?

Prices can vary by location


How long does it take to complete a repair?

The average basic screen repair takes 30 minutes however, this time can increase due to factors beyond a technicians control, like device not charged when it comes in, frame damage, severely shattered glass, other repairs needed, device engineering, work-load and more. We understand how important your device is to you and our goal is to always return your device to you promptly.

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