When you’re considering whether to trade in your smartphone to your carrier or get it repaired, it’s important to make an informed decision. Consider the following benefits of repairing your smartphone versus trading it in to your carrier:

1. If you purchase a new smartphone and damage it, parts can be very expensive. Cracked screens and other parts cost more to repair on brand-new phones.

2. Enjoy the empowering feeling of knowing that you’re not obligated to a contract provided by your carrier.

3. Resale value of your phone is probably worth more than what you’re able to trade it in for. Keep in mind that you’ve paid for the phone over the course of your plan, and repairing your smartphone may be the most economically viable solution.

4. In a bad economy, smartphones may be used as valuable bartering tools.

5. When you end up in an unexpected emergency situation, having an extra phone lying around may come in handy. It’s important to never wipe out information on your old device, because it may become useful some day. Always remember to remove your battery when your phone is sitting for a long period of time.

6. Instead of purchasing carrier insurance, you can use your back-up phone as insurance. This will save, on average, a total of $5 to $15 per month.

Still unsure as to whether repairing or trading your smartphone is the best solution? Feel free to bring your phone to Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center, a smartphone repair shop inFairfax, VA, and we can help decide the most cost-effective option for you.