You may not be aware of the many handy features of your iPhone. Over the last couple blogs, we have gone over some helpful tricks for using iPhones. In this final blog, we will go over a few more tricks to help you get the most out of your iPhone.

Take photos while you take video

You may have had this problem before: you are taking video of something really cool, but you want to take photos of it at the same time! With an iPhone, you can do this very simply. All you have to do is tap the camera button while you are taking a video, and it will take a photo as well. While this is using the video sensor instead of the photo sensor, it won’t be quite as high quality, but it will still turn out well, as iPhone photos usually do.

Save battery with low power mode

If you are out and about and anticipating that you will need to use your iPhone a lot, low battery mode is your best friend. This mode saves battery by turning off certain iPhone features that burn through battery and aren’t 100 percent necessary. To go into low battery mode, go to Settings, Battery, then Low Power Mode.

Control your iPhone with your head

This useful but little known feature allows you to control your iPhone by moving your head. Go to Settings, General, and Accessibility. Scroll down to Interaction and select Switch Control. Select Switches, then Add New Switch. Choose Camera, then either Left Head Movement or Right Head Movement. Select an action under the System menu. This allows you to choose which action is triggered by which head movement.

See every place you’ve been

You may not realize that your iPhone actually tracks everywhere you go. You can actually see a log of everywhere you have been with your iPhone under Settings. Go to Privacy, Location Services, and System Services. Then scroll down to Frequent Locations and see the History section.

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