iPhone Damage Repair Northern Virginia

We live in a time now in which our phones hold all the information that we need to stay connected and productive in our everyday lives. Thus, you will always want your phone to work smoothly. However, by either an accident or simply from gradually degrading over time, they will get damaged, leaving you with the tough and expensive decision to buy a new one.

However, at Fix & Style, we provide restorative iPhone damage and Android repair services for a fraction of the cost of a new phone. We understand the importance of a smartphone in your daily life, and are dedicated to fixing your phone as quickly as possible. Below are some benefits of repairing your iPhone rather than getting a new one:

Less Expense for Repairs

Smartphones have generally become more and more of a big investment for the average consumer, meaning that you’ll likely want to keep the one you’ve got for as long as possible. Depending on the type of repairs your phone needs, the prices can  range from $29 to $75.

Consider that in comparison to purchasing an iPhone 11, which starts at $699, or an iPhone 11 pro max that is $1,099.

No Commitments

When purchasing an expensive new phone, you often get roped into a contract that has you paying the phone off in increments for up to 2 years at an extra $25-$50 per month and per phone. You may be able to get some trade-in credit for your old phone, which can take off some of the total cost. However, it will most likely remain expensive and a hassle for you to pay off over time. Getting your iPhone repaired will save you the trouble of signing a new contract, as well as a good bit of money.

Little Time, Less Worry

You also save time when you repair your phone. No need to go through looking for a new cell phone plan for an upgrade, or transfer all your old info into a new phone since repairing your phone takes less time than researching a number of new cell phone plans.

Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center: Repair Service for iPhone Damage in Northern Virginia

Your phone holds all of the information you need for your everyday life. Because of that, you want to keep your phone in tip-top shape. If your phone has an issue, whether it be with its hardware or software, Instead of investing in a brand new mobile device, bring your phone in to Fix & Style. We provide efficient iPhone damage and other smartphone repair needs. We are always up-front over the cost of repair and the estimated time that it will take to repair your phone. Contact us at (703) 537-0629 to get your smartphone fixed by experts today.