Smartphones becoming so widespread has improved our world in a lot of ways. Now, you can instantly access the information you need with the touch of a screen. Communicating with long-distance friends and family is easier than ever, and you can instantly order any item to be delivered to your door. However, smartphones have also had some negative side effects. One is that people often exhibit rude or thoughtless behavior when it comes to their smartphones. Whether it is ignoring our dinner companion to Tweet, or aimlessly wandering across the street mid-text, there are many ways you can inadvertently disrespect people when you are preoccupied with your smartphone.

Put your phone away

The most important rule of cell phone etiquette is to put your phone away when you are with people in person. Whether you are out to dinner or in a meeting, it is extremely disrespectful to interrupt your conversation when you get a notification. In the event that it is pertinent for you to respond to your text message or email promptly, alert your companion to the necessity, and respond quickly to get back to the conversation at hand. If the matter isn’t urgent, wait to check your phone until you are finished talking with the person in front of you. The key to smartphone etiquette is being present with the people you are with, and not distracted by the screen in your pocket.

Silence notifications

Just because you aren’t looking at your smartphone when with others, doesn’t mean you are being respectful with your smartphone. If you have ever tried having a conversation with someone whose phone keeps going off. Whether it is a flashing light, a loud buzz, or a distracting ringtone, there is no easier way to draw attention to your phone and away from the person you are in the middle of a conversation with than leaving your notification sound on. If you are waiting for a message that requires your immediate attention, put your phone on vibrate and in your pocket to minimize distractions.

Be careful with your camera

One aspect of smartphones that is a double-edged sword is how easy it is to take pictures wherever you go. This can be a great feature, but it can also create a pattern of taking pictures rather than experiencing a moment for yourself. When you are out with someone, keep the camera work to a minimum, and ask your friend whether it’s okay to take their picture before you snap it.

Don’t text and walk

There is an emphasis on multitasking in our society, but doing two things at once make you do each task half as well. When you walk and text, you aren’t paying attention to where you’re going, and this can result in the annoying and potentially dangerous practice of blocking the paths of others. Worst case scenario, you could cause a car accident; best case scenario, you could severely annoy your fellow pedestrians. If the text can’t wait, step to the side out of the flow of foot traffic.

Don’t shout

Everyone has experienced this at least once: you are in an establishment, whether it’s a coffee shop or bookstore, and there is something having a loud conversation on their cell phone. No one likes this person. Don’t be this person. When using your phone in public, be mindful of the people around you and speak in a quiet tone. If the place you are in is too loud for a quiet conversation, wait until to you are in a quieter spot to make your call.

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