1. Loaner program-  In this day and age having a working cellphone is important to the productivity of our personal and professional lives.  The last thing you want to happen is to be without your cellphone for a long period of time.  Not every cellphone repair is guaranteed to go right, occasionally, other issues can arise during a repair, which can extend your time of repair by hours or even a day or more.  Make sure your cellphone repair shop offers a loaner program in the event that your device needs to be in the shop longer.  A loaner phone can keep you operational while your mobile device is being repaired.
  2. Parts– When you come across a repair shop that is (for example) $20-$40 cheaper than the average local price for an iPhone 5 cracked screen repair, it would be wise to question why.  Although the price is cheaper, the type of parts that are being used to repair your iPhone could put you in a bad situation where your phone is not working properly and that can cost you additional time and money.  Often, cellphone repair shops are offering cheaper repairs using refurbished parts.  This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing in some industries but for cellphone parts it is.  Refurbished parts in no uncertain terms, on the average, do not last as long as a brand new part.  If you circumstances allow to be ok with a refurbished part, go for it, but if you need a reliable cellphone then choose a repair shop that is using reliable parts and gives you a good warranty, that they will stand behind in the event you do end up with a defective part. Refurbished screens have frequent issues with touch sensitivity, discoloration, bubbles in the screen, adhesive separating from the frame and a myriad of other potential issues rendering your smartphone inoperable.
  3. Warranty– The length of the warranty and the integrity of the company backing the warranty is critical.  The last thing you want to happen is an iPhone part have a defect and you have no re-course to mitigate your problem.  Our warranty on iPhone repairs is 1 yr.  The industry average is 90 days.  Our customers have always been pleased with the manner in which Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center handles warranty issues.  How warranty is handle by a cellphone repair shop is vital to customers.  Mishandling of customer warranty issues cost consumers millions but not only that, more time, more headache and a lot of productivity for professionals..
  4. Experience– In the cellphone repair business, we are learning something new everyday.  Even with a combined 25 years of experience, our technicians are consistently exploring new and better avenues to bring our services to you.  Tenure and skill in this cellphone repair industry is critical to being able to solve your problems.  Many cellphone repair shops offer the service you need, few have the experience.  Experience is paramount to troubleshooting and resolving unexpected problems with repairs.  Be careful of big box names because many of them only recently (in the last 6 month-1 year) started offering cellphone repair services.  If something goes wrong with a repair, guess where they send them?  That’s right, Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center, or perhaps another repair shop that has technicians that are seasoned at troubleshooting mobile devices on an advanced level.
  5. The repair price vs cost of the phoneYou want $150 to fix my iPhone?! But I only paid $99 for it!”- This might be the most common misconception about smartphone repair, just because many people don’t know how valuable their devices actually are. The subsidized rate you pay when signing a 2-year contract is essentially a down-payment on that device. What seems to be a great deal at first – $199 for a new phone on a 2-year contract – actually costs more over time and greatly skews the perceived value of the phone.  Check out this infographic to learn the true value of your smartphone.