A recent study found that most iPhones are broken within ten weeks of ownership. This is likely because people wait to take preventative measures against phone damage until it is too late. That is why we recommend that people immediately take these steps to prevent breaking your smartphone:

Use a case and screen protector

This is an obvious one, but you would be surprised how often people decide to go without a case because “it looks better.” You may enjoy the aesthetic of your phone without a case, but it isn’t going to look better with a shattered screen. A case is your first line of defense against impact damage to your phone. For best results, opt for a case that is known for being durable. Additionally, a screen protector can do a lot to give you peace of mind. With a screen protector, if you drop your phone, it is your protector that will break instead of the screen.

Carry it in a smart place

Smartphones often get broken because they are not stored in a good place. You may think nothing of throwing your phone in your pocket, but a phone can easily fall out of any open pocket. Make a habit of only carrying your phone in a zippered pocket when you are not using it.

Don’t walk and text

It is common for people to break their phones due to carelessness. This often happens when people decide to text while they are walking. If you need to send a text, it is better to not split your attention; step to the side to finish your message first.

If these preventative measures fail, Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center can help. We can fix your phone for you in the event of any damage. Contact us today!