Ideally, we would all have the same charger that we got with the purchase of our smartphones; however, things happen. Whether you lost it, broke it, or forgot it on your vacation, chances are, you have had to use a new charger at some point. Additionally, there are a wide variety of battery chargers out there, including plugs, power strips, USB cables, AV cables, ebook chargers, HDMI cables, and more. If you are like most people, when your phone is dying, you will grab any of these options to charge your phone in a pinch.

However, this is not the best choice for your phone. Just because something can charge your phone doesn’t mean it should. When you use a charger that was not designed to be used with your phone, you may find that it takes much longer to charge, and your phone may not hold the charge as long as it normally does. To avoid this problem, you should be discerning when choosing a new phone charger. Here are three questions you should ask yourself when selecting a new charge:

Is it compatible?

The most important question is whether or not the charge is actually compatible with your smartphone. Phone connections vary from model to model, so when you are looking for a new charger, ensure that it actually connects to your phone.

Does it match your voltage needs?

Next, consider the voltage your phone needs. Voltage pulls energy into your device. When the voltage is too high, the circuits of your device can become overloaded and blow out. Find out the voltage needs of your phone before choosing a charger.

Does it match your amperage needs?

Additionally, you must consider the amperage. Amps are the current supplied to your smartphone. Amps regulate how much power flows from the charger to the phone. Check and ensure that the amperage of the power source matches the amperage necessary for your phone.

Choose a charger that is appropriate for your phone to avoid problems down the road. When you do have problems, Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center can help with our smartphone repair services. Contact us today!