Why Would Newly Repaired iPhone Glass Separate From The Frame?

At Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair, we get a plethora of phone calls about broken iPhones, iPads, iPods and many other smart phones every day. We hear all the good and the bad, whether it’s about the bad experience they had with technicians, or faulty repairs by competitor, we hear it all.

The most frequent complaint we hear about iPhone 5, 5s, 5c and iPhone 6 cracked glass repairs are……“I had my iPhone glass repaired at (another cell phone repair store) and the glass is lifting up from the frame.”

That issue usually stems from low quality after-market manufactures of the glass replacement parts.  Here is why:

  •  Glue-OEM factories use a cold press glue vs cheap after market part manufacturers utilize a hot pressed glue process.  The cold pressed glue requires more time and is more expensive.
  • Real-estate– With how thin the iPhones have become, the frames that hold the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 in place are that much thinner.  This makes the manufacturing of the replacement glass more complex to machine.  Lower cost replacement parts often mean poor quality parts not designed to the precise manufacturer’s specification.
  • Dust free room-Any dust that gets on the glue in the process can adversely affect the ability for the iPhone 6 glass to adhere to the frame.  Some aftermarket manufacturers use lower standards to cut reproduction time and while the parts are cheaper to acquire it causes major problems for cellphone repair technicians and most importantly, the customers that the cracked glass replacement service is provided to.

We are not saying that all refurbished parts or after-market manufactures are bad.  As a cell phone repair service provider it is our responsibility to purchase quality materials for repairs.  When a customer comes in and tells us that they had their iPhone glass was repaired down the street at a competitors store and the glass is lifting from the frame, as experts we know that they competitor is knowingly buying low quality parts or that they are not experienced enough to tell good parts from bad parts.  In either scenario, the customer is the one who loses.

At Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair you will never hear or see a review from a customer that their newly replaced glass is lifting from the iPhone frame. 

 This is why:

  •  Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center constantly works to source the best quality iPhone glass repair parts for our customer to eliminate and at the very least, minimize any issues after the iPhone glass repair process.
  • We back all of our iPhone glass repair, iPad glass repairs and iPod glass repairs, with a 180 day limited warranty, so that in the case an issue like this does occur, we’ve got you covered.

For more information about iPhone glass repair contact Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center at 703-537-0629, or you can email us at info@cellphonerepairfairfax.com.