What To Do When You Have A Water Damaged iPhone 6!

No need to panic, at least not right away.  Every drop in the sink, or fall in the toilet is not fatal but until you can make it into a repair shop there are a few things you can do to assist in saving your water damaged iPhone 6 from complete devastation.

1.  Remove everything from your iPhone 6 that you can.  Remove your sim card, your phone case and any other accessories you may have on the device.

2. Cut your water damaged iPhone 6 off and do not try to power it on.  You will be tempted to power your phone on but please don’t because powering on  a water damaged iPhone 6 can short out, fry and burn major components on your iPhone 6 and render it inoperable

3. Do not plug the charger up to your water damaged iPhone 6 in an attempt to charge or get data off of the phone.

4. Do not waste valuable time putting your iPhone 6 in a bag of rice.  The rice has no access to the internal components of the iPhone 6 and will not absorb any moisture from it.  We’ve had many customers lose 2-3 days trying this, to have it not work and during this time, corrosion builds up on the iPhone, causing more damage to iPhone 6 parts and components

5. If you can’t get your water damaged iPhone 6 to a cellphone repair shop immediately, take a hair dryer and blow warm hair through the sim card tray slot, up the charging and through the ear speaker hole at the top off the phone.  Be sure to keep the hair dryer moving left to right, up and down and do not hold it in one spot constantly.

6. Resist the temptation to try to cut the phone on.  In most cases, water is still in the device and corrosion can build up quickly.  Having your water damaged iPhone 6 properly cleaned, dried and assessed for water damage, will be highly beneficial for the chance to restore the iPhone 6 to proper working order and extending the life of the iPhone 6.

For more questions about iPhone 6 water damage, or even if you have a cracked iPhone 6 screen, give Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center a call at 703-537-0629 or stop on in at our Fairfax store located at 11108 L Hwy, Fairfax, Va 22030.