These are the two most common questions we receive pertaining to cellphone batteries.

  1. My cellphone provider stated that I couldn’t change the battery on my phone and that it would be best to just buy a new phone?
  2. My phone is sealed and I can’t access the battery, is there any way my smartphone battery can be replaced?

The most popular smartphone battery replacement request are the iPhone batteries and  the Samsung batteries but because we were so surprised at how many users don’t realize that they can have a new battery installed on their device, we were compelled to write about it.  Cellphones and tablets have become an integral aspect of all of our lives and the last thing we need to worry about is whether we’re going to have enough juice to keep them running.

In addition, there’s nothing that hurts more than to hear that a customer threw their phone out, traded it in or sold it because the battery was bad.  Many of these customers didn’t even want a new phone but because of bad information or just not knowing all of their options, they went in a direction that wasn’t favorable for them.

Fix & Style is here to say “Yes, the battery on your smartphone, sealed or un-sealed can be replaced and we can do it for you”.  Fix & Style stocks a wide variety of batteries for smartphones and tablets.  If we don’t have the battery in stock, we can order it for you

With our new “On-Site Mobile Device Repair Service”, we can even come to you and swap your smartphone  or tablet battery out on the spot.  Our “On-Site Repair Service” is Convenient, Affordable and Efficient.

To learn more about what smartphone and tablet batteries we carry, visit our “batteries” page under the accessory tab at the top of our website or give us a call at 703-537-0629 and one of our technicians will be happy to assist you.


“some tablets and smartphones may have to be repaired in-store”