1. Troubleshooting Your Unresponsive iPhone Screen

    There are few things more annoying that when your iPhone stops responding to your touch. It is frustrating when your smartphone won’t work because not only are these devices expensive, we are dependent on them in our technologically advanced world. It could be disruptive to your work or personal life. Before you start really freaking out, here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot your unr…Read More

  2. Why You Shouldn’t DIY Phone Repair

    These days, people are big into DIY. After all, now you can just Google how to do everything; why would you bother going to a professional for a small repair? However, even if you are fairly tech savvy, there are many reasons why it is a better idea to go to a professional for cell phone repair: The replacement parts you get online are often low quality. Online suppliers of cellphone parts often s…Read More

  3. 5 Reasons Why Price Isn’t The Best Reason To Choose a Cellphone Repair Shop

    Loaner program-  In this day and age having a working cellphone is important to the productivity of our personal and professional lives.  The last thing you want to happen is to be without your cellphone for a long period of time.  Not every cellphone repair is guaranteed to go right, occasionally, other issues can arise during a repair, which can extend your time of repair by hours or even a d…Read More

  4. Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center: Expert iPhone 6 and Cell Phone Repair in Virginia

    At Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center, we’re a trusted source for cracked screen repair in Virginia. While this is one of the reasons many people to come our repair shop, we’re always looking for ways to help our customers. That’s why we seek to educate them on the best possible options available to help protect their devices. What is a Tempered-Glass Screen Protector? The newest ad…Read More

  5. iPhone 5 Screen Repair: Reasons You Shouldn’t Just Replace the Glass

    Recently, we’ve gotten quite a few inquiries referencing glass-only iPhone 5 screen repair options. The most common question asked – “Why does the repair have a high price tag? Can’t you just replace the glass if my LCD still works?” This question generally arises from customers who have done some price shopping and found competitors that offer glass-only repair. At Fix & Style Mobil…Read More

  6. Smartphone Repair in Fairfax, VA: Top Reasons to Repair Your Smartphone Versus Trading It In

    When you’re considering whether to trade in your smartphone to your carrier or get it repaired, it’s important to make an informed decision. Consider the following benefits of repairing your smartphone versus trading it in to your carrier: 1. If you purchase a new smartphone and damage it, parts can be very expensive. Cracked screens and other parts cost more to repair on brand-new phones. 2. …Read More