1. Benefits Of Repairing a Damaged iPhone  

    We live in a time now in which our phones hold all the information that we need to stay connected and productive in our everyday lives. Thus, you will always want your phone to work smoothly. However, by either an accident or simply from gradually degrading over time, they will get damaged, leaving you with the tough and expensive decision to buy a new one. However, at Fix & Style, we provide …Read More

  2. Smartphone Repair

    Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center can help with most smartphone models from manufacturers like Samsung, HTC Android, LG Android, Motorola Android, and Blackberry. Please view the list below for specific models most frequently repaired. If your smartphone model is not listed, please contact us for a free diagnostic review. Samsung Android smartphone repairs for: LG Android smartphone repa…Read More

  3. Cell Phone Repair Services

    Your one-stop shop for all of your smartphone repair and accessory needs! Fix & Style Repairs Cracked screen repair Charging port repair Battery replacement (including devices considered “not accessible by user”) Water damage restoration and repair Ear speaker repair Loudspeaker repair Housing and mid-frame replacement Battery door replacement Home button repair Volume button repair Front …Read More

  4. Battery Replacement

    Is Your Your Tablet or Cellphone Not Staying Charged? Try Replacing the Battery! Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center is your one stop shop for cellphone batteries and tablet batteries. We even carry and install batteries for iPads, Samsung tablets, iPhones, Motorola, Galaxy devices and more. Brands we service and supply: Asus iPhone iPad iTouch iPod Blackberry HTC Huawei Kindle tablets Mac…Read More

  5. Diagnostics

    Many of our customers wonder what really happens during a diagnostic. Some of them are already frustrated from a bad experience, where special care wasn’t taken to diagnose their device. What do our diagnostics do for you? We guarantee our technicians will work hard to provide you with the most comprehensive diagnostic for your cellphone or tablet We guarantee to explore and uncover every possib…Read More

  6. Water Damage Services

    At Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center, we understand how inconvenient it is when you damage your phone in any way. This is why we offer professional, affordable, and fast cellphone repair to get you back on the information highway. If you have a smartphone or tablet that has been exposed to water damage and can’t get to the shop right away, below are some helpful tips that may limit fur…Read More

  7. New Year – New (Smarter) You

    The year is coming to an end so let's discuss the defect of the year in relation to Apple devices. Can you believe that it is not “bendgate”? The unresponsive touch screen on the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 plus is not as uncommon of a hassle as you might think. It may be a design flaw like the bendable iPhone as it is the first thinnest iPhone on the market. More and more reports of the death of…Read More

  8. 5 Cell Phone Repair Myths

    As a cell phone repair shop, we’ve heard every repair myth in the book. You have probably heard quite a few of them, and may even believe some to be the truth! Allow us to educate you. In this blog, we will go over some common myths we hear, and the real truth of the matter. MYTH: Put your water-damaged phone in rice to fix it. We’re not sure why this myth is so pervasive, but this is not an e…Read More

  9. A Brief Guide to Smartphone Etiquette

    Smartphones becoming so widespread has improved our world in a lot of ways. Now, you can instantly access the information you need with the touch of a screen. Communicating with long-distance friends and family is easier than ever, and you can instantly order any item to be delivered to your door. However, smartphones have also had some negative side effects. One is that people often exhibit rude …Read More

  10. Even More iPhone Tricks You Never Knew

    You may not be aware of the many handy features of your iPhone. Over the last couple blogs, we have gone over some helpful tricks for using iPhones. In this final blog, we will go over a few more tricks to help you get the most out of your iPhone. Take photos while you take video You may have had this problem before: you are taking video of something really cool, but you want to take photos of it …Read More