1. Can I Change My Cellphone Battery?

    These are the two most common questions we receive pertaining to cellphone batteries. My cellphone provider stated that I couldn’t change the battery on my phone and that it would be best to just buy a new phone? My phone is sealed and I can’t access the battery, is there any way my smartphone battery can be replaced? The most popular smartphone battery replacement request are the iPhone batte…Read More

  2. Top Complaint About iPhone Glass Repair

    Why Would Newly Repaired iPhone Glass Separate From The Frame? At Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair, we get a plethora of phone calls about broken iPhones, iPads, iPods and many other smart phones every day. We hear all the good and the bad, whether it’s about the bad experience they had with technicians, or faulty repairs by competitor, we hear it all. The most frequent complaint we hear ab…Read More

  3. iPhone 6 Water Damage – 6 Tips To Try

    What To Do When You Have A Water Damaged iPhone 6! No need to panic, at least not right away.  Every drop in the sink, or fall in the toilet is not fatal but until you can make it into a repair shop there are a few things you can do to assist in saving your water damaged iPhone 6 from complete devastation. 1.  Remove everything from your iPhone 6 that you can.  Remove your sim card, your phone …Read More

  4. Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center: Expert iPhone 6 and Cell Phone Repair in Virginia

    At Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center, we’re a trusted source for cracked screen repair in Virginia. While this is one of the reasons many people to come our repair shop, we’re always looking for ways to help our customers. That’s why we seek to educate them on the best possible options available to help protect their devices. What is a Tempered-Glass Screen Protector? The newest ad…Read More

  5. iPhone 5 Screen Repair: Reasons You Shouldn’t Just Replace the Glass

    Recently, we’ve gotten quite a few inquiries referencing glass-only iPhone 5 screen repair options. The most common question asked – “Why does the repair have a high price tag? Can’t you just replace the glass if my LCD still works?” This question generally arises from customers who have done some price shopping and found competitors that offer glass-only repair. At Fix & Style Mobil…Read More