1. How to Choose a Reliable Phone Repair Service

    While there are many phone repair service providers available, it’s important to find a reliable phone repair service. At Fix & Style, we provide reliable phone repair services in Northern Virginia. We understand how important your device is to you, therefore we're dedicated to fixing your device as quickly as possible. Below, we list the many ways you can choose a reliable phone repair serv…Read More

  2. Smartphone Repair

    Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center can help with most smartphone models from manufacturers like Samsung, HTC Android, LG Android, Motorola Android, and Blackberry. Please view the list below for specific models most frequently repaired. If your smartphone model is not listed, please contact us for a free diagnostic review. Samsung Android smartphone repairs for: LG Android smartphone repa…Read More

  3. Cell Phone Repair Services

    Your one-stop shop for all of your smartphone repair and accessory needs! Fix & Style Repairs Cracked screen repair Charging port repair Battery replacement (including devices considered “not accessible by user”) Water damage restoration and repair Ear speaker repair Loudspeaker repair Housing and mid-frame replacement Battery door replacement Home button repair Volume button repair Front …Read More

  4. Battery Replacement

    Is Your Your Tablet or Cellphone Not Staying Charged? Try Replacing the Battery! Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center is your one stop shop for cellphone batteries and tablet batteries. We even carry and install batteries for iPads, Samsung tablets, iPhones, Motorola, Galaxy devices and more. Brands we service and supply: Asus iPhone iPad iTouch iPod Blackberry HTC Huawei Kindle tablets Mac…Read More

  5. Diagnostics

    Many of our customers wonder what really happens during a diagnostic. Some of them are already frustrated from a bad experience, where special care wasn’t taken to diagnose their device. What do our diagnostics do for you? We guarantee our technicians will work hard to provide you with the most comprehensive diagnostic for your cellphone or tablet We guarantee to explore and uncover every possib…Read More

  6. Water Damage Services

    At Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center, we understand how inconvenient it is when you damage your phone in any way. This is why we offer professional, affordable, and fast cellphone repair to get you back on the information highway. If you have a smartphone or tablet that has been exposed to water damage and can’t get to the shop right away, below are some helpful tips that may limit fur…Read More

  7. 10 Reasons iPhone and iPad Screens Crack

      The obvious everyday "drop of the iPhone" and iPad tops the list.  Often people just have too much in their hands while they are carrying their phone.  We hear so many stories about situations like this where people are putting kids in the car, carrying groceries, phone slips out of the hand, and on and on and on..... The dog bit it.  Yes this happens.  Not as frequently as others but i…Read More

  8. iPhone 7 Cracked Screen Repair

    Why are there different prices for the iPhone 7 screen repair? Many of our customers ask us why the price is different for an iPhone 7 screen repair if only the glass is broken vs the glass and the lcd being broken. The simple answer is that on the iPhone 7, the glass, digitizer and lcd are all one piece. if only the glass on the iPhone 7 is cracked, then the digitizer and lcd can be salvaged. How…Read More

  9. Why Your iPhone May Not Be Charging

    iPhones are among the most advanced phones that are widely used today. The technology used while making these devices has been carefully developed to become highly efficient and reliable. However, the more advanced the technology, the more complicated it often gets. Technology and electronic devices are also eventually expected to fail due to wearing over time. A non-charging iPhone poses a lot of…Read More

  10. Phone Battery Maintenance

    Phone Battery Maintenance One of the main complaints from phone users is that their batteries’ lives are too short. With the smartphones technology, batteries haven’t been perfected yet to live longer. Sometimes it’s even a challenge for some phone batteries to go a full day without recharging. It is annoying especially when traveling. The more times the battery is recharged, the shorter its…Read More