1. Why Your iPhone May Not Be Charging

    iPhones are among the most advanced phones that are widely used today. The technology used while making these devices has been carefully developed to become highly efficient and reliable. However, the more advanced the technology, the more complicated it often gets. Technology and electronic devices are also eventually expected to fail due to wearing over time. A non-charging iPhone poses a lot of…Read More

  2. Phone Battery Maintenance

    Phone Battery Maintenance One of the main complaints from phone users is that their batteries’ lives are too short. With the smartphones technology, batteries haven’t been perfected yet to live longer. Sometimes it’s even a challenge for some phone batteries to go a full day without recharging. It is annoying especially when traveling. The more times the battery is recharged, the shorter its…Read More

  3. How to Protect Your Children: Best Parental Control Apps

    There is no question that children are exposed to more information today than at any other time in human history. As much as we would all like to think that everything our children have access to is good for them, we all know the truth. The world is a dangerous place, and the youngest among us are the most vulnerable to that potential danger. Installing parental controls on your mobile devices is …Read More

  4. Getting Rid of Update Notifications

    Apps expand your mobile device’s capabilities with new productivity capabilities, games to entertain you and new or improved features to optimize the user experience on your mobile phone or tablet. Developers are constantly updating applications to fix bugs, improving compatibility with all types of devices and introducing new features. It’s essential to keep your applications updated, but if …Read More

  5. New Year – New (Smarter) You

    The year is coming to an end so let's discuss the defect of the year in relation to Apple devices. Can you believe that it is not “bendgate”? The unresponsive touch screen on the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 plus is not as uncommon of a hassle as you might think. It may be a design flaw like the bendable iPhone as it is the first thinnest iPhone on the market. More and more reports of the death of…Read More

  6. It’s Not Always the Battery

    It is a given that your battery life will degrade over time. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or a Google Phone. As you use your phone, the charge will last less and less as time goes on. Are there steps to take to extend your battery life? Absolutely. But when is it time to replace it rather than replacing your phone? Read on to find out. In general for all devices, you will have some so…Read More